The Procedure Arthroscopy of the Knee

Arthroscopy allows an orthopaedic surgeon to diagnose and treat knee disorders by providing a clear view of the inside of the knee with small incisions, utilising a pencil-sized instrument called an arthroscope. The scope contains fibre optics that transmit an image of your knee through a small camera to a television monitor.

The TV image allows the surgeon to thoroughly examine the magnified interior of your knee and determine the source of your problem. During the procedure, the surgeon can also insert surgical instruments through other small incisions in your knee to remove or repair damaged tissues.

This video provides an overview of Arthroscopy as a whole. 

You can find more detailed explanations of the more common surgical procedures that can be done during an Arthroscopy in the pdf document COMMON ARTHROSCOPIC PROCEDURES … which you can find at the foot of this page.

This document can be downloaded and printed for your reference.

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