Expectations from 6 weeks Total Knee Replacement

On average patients remain in hospital for 3-4 days after a total knee replacement. There are no rules to this, you may go home earlier or later depending on when you are ready and everyone, including you, are happy for you to be discharged.

Before discharge the physiotherapist will take you through the exercises you were practising before your surgery. These are specifically designed to help you to regain mobility and strength in your new knee. You should perform these exercises regularly in your own home as instructed by the physiotherapist.
Videos of all of the exercises you will need to do can be found in the EXERCISE playlists on this website.

You will be given an outpatient appointment for physiotherapy you will also be sent appointments for 2 and 6 weeks following your discharge for the Orthopaedic Education Follow-up Replacement Clinic and an out-patient appointment for 12 weeks with your Orthopaedic surgeon.you to be discharged.

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