Day of surgery Total Knee Replacement

On the day of your operation, you will be assisted into a theatre gown. Your leg will be checked to make sure it is marked with an arrow. If appropriate you will be given your pre-medication. Theatre staff will collect you from the ward and take you to the operating theatre.

Following surgery your wound will be covered with a dressing and a bandage. In some cases there will be a surgical drain, which will be removed the day following surgery. You will have compression AV BOOTS on your feet. You will also have an intravenous infusion ‘drip’ and an oxygen mask or nasal specs.

In certain cases the anaesthetist will have used a nerve block to minimise post-operative pain. This may leave your leg feeling temporarily weak and numb when you wake up.

You will remain in the Recovery Area until your condition is stable and your pain is well controlled.

The nursing staff on the ward will make regular observation of your temperature, blood pressure and pulse. They will monitor your pain control and give you pain relief as necessary. You will be allowed to gradually take fluids and resume a normal diet and you will be assisted with all your hygiene needs.

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